Almshouses Future

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To the left is a view of part of the front of the new building. The darker brown parts represent wooden panelling housing the door and windows of the ground floor, as seen through holes in the main front wall. There seems to be a representation of sunshine on the panelling, but of course those windows face north and will be in permanent shade due to their position at the rear of the walkway behind the front wall of the upper parts of the building.

Illustrations are from the Wiltshire public web site.

On the right is a section through the proposed building. Note the very limited window space in all accommodation, which will be further limited by the requirement to provide slatted blinds to prevent a direct view of the private property to the rear. Light on the third storey is provided by rooflights, again slatted to prevent a view over the neighboring property. It is unclear how that space will be ventilated in wet weather, or indeed how it will be possible to stand upright over most of the space in the rooms in the roof.